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Topographic Mapping

“Topo” maps are a good tool for civil engineers and architects to design new development. We use current technology to graphically represent surface features of the ground and depict them on a map for design professionals to work from. The topo map is dependent on the design criteria of the project. These maps are essential for home site design, and civil engineering design of commercial ventures. Our topo services also include Photogrametric Control.

Land Development

Land Development is quickly becoming challenging with the application of more stringent regulations. Let us help. We provide help by:

1. Dealing directly with Community Development and Planning and Zoning Officials.
2. Representing our clients at Planning and Zoning Meetings.
3. Step by step guidance through the Minor Land Division Process.
4. Coordinating tasks related to Subdivisions. All of the above in addition to what else may be required we can help.

Energy Surveying

We have experience in surveying for development of oil and gas resources: well permits, Pad staking, collection system easements, pipeline right-of-ways, road staking. The emergence of Wind Farm energy generation has also given us an opportunity to survey lease areas for Towers, Tower locations and easements for power lines and roads.

Land Boundary Surveying

Boundary Surveying combines the art of evidence evaluation, the science of measurement, and the patience of research. All three have to be done in order to perform a boundary survey. If you are trying to decide if you need a boundary survey ask yourself the following:

1. Have I seen or been shown survey monuments that are my property corners?
2. My property has been fenced, are the fences on the property line?
3. Do I have a plat or Record of Survey of my property?
4. Do I know how much property I have?

Our philosophy is simple

We do all the work. We do all the field investigation. We do all the research. We do all of the documentation preparation.
We owe a duty to our clients to give them the utmost service...

We do this because that is the only way we can feel confident that when we affix our seal to a document we have 100% input over its creation.

We believe that a as professionals we owe a duty to our clients to give them the utmost service and personal attention they deserve. We have been serving the White Mountain area this way for almost 40 years. In that time we have gained experience spanning the spectrum of surveying. We’ve been involved with construction, mapping, control, utilities, oil & gas, and most notably boundary surveying.

We can do this by utilizing current technology like Global Positioning System(s) “GPS” to increase productivity and reduce man-power. We also use data available to us via public information to aid us in the recovery of monuments associated with the Public Land Survey System. Tools like Geographic Measurement Management (Dr. Kurt Wurm, NMSU) and the Burea of Land Management’s Geographical Coordinate Database aid us in our dependent resurveys and utility route surveying.

  • Our team has the experience you'd expect from your Land Surveyor.

  • Two decades of education and continual training.

  • We provide the confidence you need because we do 100% of the work.

Meet Daniel

I have been in and around the surveying profession for 35 years. Raised into the profession by my father (James E. Muth RLS, retired) as well as other mentors. My career primarily focuses on boundary surveying with a particular emphasis on the Public Land Survey System. My training also includes being a graduate from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Surveying. I have also successfully completed the Certified Federal Surveyor program. I am active in several professional associations like Arizona Professional Land Surveyors Association; New Mexico Professional Surveyors Association; National Society of Professional Surveyors; and the Western Federation of Professional Surveyors. Yet, it is not all about surveying. I am also active in my community. In a small community like mine people often have to wear many hats and learn to multitask. Over the years I have learned to do this by participating in several non-profit boards; City and County commissions; all of which have taught me to actively listen and maximize my performance for your benefit.
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